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M Farmer’s Village Project




The project is for the complex building that consists of the cooking school, restaurant, hotel, shop, etc. In advance of starting in 2014, the master plan has been done.

Not a just resort facility, it is expected to become the base of food culture by the organic foods, and on the basis of the short and extended-stay cooking school run by a top chef, the restaurant is adjunct.

Since it is required to be various experience-based facility, buildings is allocated as slipping into the site smoothly to have various experiences naturally. The way from the approach to the restaurant for the visitors, and the way from each dormitory to the cooking school for the stayers lead their sight lines into the various directions, which is the devise of allowing for feeling the seasonally nature and the activity of people.

Under the tough climate condition in winter, it is intended to maintain the spacious sequence of experiences by folding the distance.


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