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デザイン提案を行うと同時に、現地の建築家と「ATAP JAKARTA / HOUSE VISION IN INDONESIA」(ATAP=インドネシア語で屋根の意)の名の下で、未来の住居を考える研究会を発足、2016年を目処にアジア各国を巡回予定の実作品ベースの展覧会を企画している。


The collaborating project with the Research Institute of Humanity and Nature (RIHN).
In the age that a half of world population lives in the cities. As the global environmental issue has been stated for a ling time, due to the belief that not the nature but the cities need to solve its problem, it is targeted to envisage the new living model in Jakarta, Indonesia which is one of the biggest mega city in South- east Asia as well as researching the world wide mega cities.
While proposing the design of the model, the study group called “ATAP JAKARTA / HOUSE VISION IN INDONESIA” (“ATAP” means “roof” in Bahasa Indonesia) collaborating with Indonesian architects has been established, and the traveling exhibition to other Asian countries based on the real projects in 2016 is planned.



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