2001  First Prize of Diploma at Kyoto University, Architecture Department
2001  10th representative of Kyoto Architecture Students Association,  organize the exhibition of Diploma 2001 “arch-communication”
2003  Join the exhibition “World city exhibition”at MORI ART MUSEUM (exhibit “polulouSCAPE ver.1” )
2003  Contribute the magazine “10+1” No.31 , “Compact city studies”
2003  Contribute the magazine “10+1” No.32 , “80th architecture / Post-modernizm as possibility”
2005  Contribute the magazine “10+1” No.38 , “Architecture and Book”
2006  First Prize of ” TEPCO comfort housing contest” for “House YK”  (*)
2006  Prize of “Wooden architectural space design competition, housing category” for “House YK”  (*)
2006  Published DVD “populouSCAPE”
2008  First Prize of “Uto elementary school competition” (*)
2009  The lll Delphic Game 2009 Jeju Lyre prize (1st Prize)(*)
2009  Second Prize of “E-JUST Japan-Egypt University of Science and Technology, Alexandria, Egypt competition”  (*)
2010  Architecture Institute of Japan selected works for “House YK” (*)
2011   Contribute the book  “Diploma × KYOTO’11”
2012  First Prize of AACA award  (Japan Association Of Artists Craftsman & Architects) for Uto elementary School  (*)

((*) are the projects in-charge at CA t)